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Innovative entrepreneur Thomas Armstrong launched his business over 150 years ago, opening a cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hard work, faith, and a loyal team of employees carried the company to success, and they eventually found other helpful uses for their cork materials, like shoe insoles, insulation, acoustical panels, and sturdy flooring.

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The robust company began making and selling linoleum in the early 1990s, and it was wildly popular. This was the first in an extensive flooring product portfolio to come, including today’s residential and commercial luxury vinyl offerings. The philosophy has always been the same: hold tight to core business goals and values while adapting and innovating to meet customer needs and market conditions. Armstrong flooring does that just beautifully.

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It’s easy to see why more customers select these flooring products than any other brand in the industry. The vinyl options include stunning sheet, LVT, and rigid-core varieties for businesses. For residences, homeowners can select LVT, sheet, vinyl composition tile, and even bio-flooring. Many appreciate styles like Cool Creek sheet, Autumn Wind LVT, and Baltic Blue rigid core vinyl—all breathtaking looks that can uplift any interior space.

Both the team at Armstrong Flooring and the exquisite floor materials can be counted on to deliver excellence. Take a look at their handsome collections and then get in touch with any questions or comments.

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