While it’s not recommended to use any type of steam cleaner or heavy-duty deep-fiber carpet device on vinyl floors, there are new carpet cleaner tools on the market that are specially crafted for vinyl. These cleaners provide two services: they vacuum and wash vinyl plank simultaneously, saving time and effort for a spotless floor. They are equipped with a dual brush roll and innovative multi-surface cleaning solution that swiftly takes away grime and gently mops for freshness.

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If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home or workspace, or even just in a few rooms, it’s a good idea to keep a handy carpet cleaner around for spills or other mishaps. You can freshen up an entire space or simply spot clean when necessary. The cleaning formulations in most of today’s carpet cleaners blend a few different ingredients that absorb dirt and odor-producing bacteria so then you can whisk it away and have a freshened up floor. Softer, more vibrant carpet fibers make a room look, smell, and feel better. Some carpet cleaning solutions can be used with or within a motorized carpet-cleaning machine, while others stand alone and are meant to be used with manual scrubbing.

With any of these products, be sure to carefully read instructions on the carpet cleaner bottle or can, and see if it should be diluted, spot-tested, or applied with a special applicator. Homeowners with pets are especially appreciative of many carpet cleaner blends, as they remove stains and odors, often using eco-friendly, natural enzymes. As well, there are some helpful formulas that are beneficial for high-traffic office environments like meeting rooms and employee lounges, where freshening up the floor is crucial on a regular basis.

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