A leading maker of high-quality flooring, Mannington Mills runs a busy operation in Salem, New Jersey. This fourth-generation family-owned business started out in 1915 and currently crafts beautiful laminate, carpet, rubber, sheet vinyl, and luxury vinyl products. These high-end, durable materials are popular in both residential and commercial settings.

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The team at Mannington has a few important mottos: Care–Do the Right Thing–Work Hard/Play Hard–Control Our Own Destiny. They apply these big, positive, caring concepts to every facet of their careers and company ambitions, and the end result is quite successful because it means customers are getting everything they could want in both services and products. Flooring dealers and independent retailers always enjoy working with the crew at Mannington and their reputation is golden.

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Some of the most flourishing products at the company include their choices in Adura luxury vinyl planks. It is truly an amazing floor that is gorgeous, waterproof, dent-, stain- and scratch-resistant, and extremely durable under every condition, including rowdy kids and pets. Adura®Rigid has a solid core that gives the floor outstanding indentation resistance and it needs no acclimation time before it’s installed—it’s perfectly fine in a wide array of temperature ranges. The vinyl sheet products are award-winning, affordable, stylish, and long-lasting. People adore the variety of looks in all the offerings, from classic to bold to completely unique & fresh. Mannington Flooring’s catalog is pretty spectacular, so do take a browse.

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