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Completing a vinyl flooring installation is a major accomplishment, and offers years of beauty and performance to a room’s interior space. Finish the project right with the appropriate accessories. These include: stair-nose molding, reducer molding, baby threshold, quarter-round, t-mold, and more. These specialized pieces accommodate each project uniquely, whether you have different-height floors that need a beveled transition, or to cover gaps at baseboards—these accessories finish the installation project perfectly.

Choose top-quality Stair Nose Molding to offer extra support and safety for your staircase at home or business. Stair Nose Molding should securely, smoothly overhang the top of the stair tread to provide extra space for a comfortable stride. Stair Nose Molding is a benefit because it helps protect tread-edges from rough treatment or from everyday wear-and-tear over the lifetime of the stairs.

 Take a look at attractive vinyl overlap Stair Nose Molding in a number of shades and forms to find the ideal option for your stairs. Excellent molding and accessories make a big difference in the overall quality of a stairwell, and in the comfort of a home or office.

What about interior spaces where one room features a flooring style that’s higher or lower than the adjoining room? We don’t want residents and visitor to trip, and we want an appealing flow to the room change, as well. That’s why Reducer Molding is such an important player in the area of molding and accessories. If your home or workspace has transitions that lead from vinyl floors to carpet or wood or some other material, perhaps the thicknesses vary, creating a leveling challenge. 

Reducer moldings are placed where the two flooring products meet up. They provide a gentle sloping bevel to ensure safety for walkers or rolling items that move over the threshold. This is a crucial accessory in many situations, and there are a number of attractive, tasteful option in vinyl molding materials. Browse the array to find one just right for your transitional-flooring spaces.

It sounds like a child safety mechanism, and in some ways it does provide for safety. A Baby-Threshold helps transition hard vinyl or other surface flooring materials into another area or feature with a smooth, secure beveled strip. Often when one room has a hard foundation then moves into a carpeted area or even an outdoor patio, there needs to be an ease-away rather than an abrupt edge where the change occurs. That’s where a Baby-Threshold is the answer. 

They are often crafted skillfully using vinyl materials, with curves, beveling, and firm hold-tight cores to stay put safely and effectively. They can blend or match perfectly with the colors in your vinyl or other flooring product. Home and business owners use Baby-Thresholds between rooms, leading to the outdoors, at sliding-door openings, near fireplaces, and anyplace else a hard edge at the end of flooring placement needs a mellow, smooth transition. It’s a handy, essential feature.

Vinyl flooring and engineered-wood manufacturers often create accessories like Quarter Round along with their showcase products, like planks and tiles. Quarter Round is crafted with vinyl or other compounds to be a convex molding that features a sturdy cross-section. The end result is a quarter circle or smaller rounded section that’s flexible and easy to use as an attractive build-up on the lower edges of baseboards or along interior elements like fireplace mantles and bookshelves. 

It can discreetly hide flaws or gaps, and offers the look of a smoothed, streamlined edging in many places. A subtle, yet important room element.

When there is a change in floors either between rooms or even within the same space, such as a large open commercial area, use T Mold materials to safely, smoothly ensure the floor is in good shape for action. T Mold is also used in doorways that don’t have thresholds in place, as long as the two rooms have the same height flooring. It can also be used when installing vinyl planks, and you switch direction of the planks yet need a narrow adjustment buffer. 

The profile shape is like a T, hence the name, and it slides handily in the flooring gap to allow for a smooth transition above. The even, narrow top portion remains thin for comfort and protection, with very slight rounding on the edges. The product is often crafted from durable vinyl in colors that can match or complement the floors it sits upon.

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