Rich, elegant mahogany has been a top color preference for centuries. Many people appreciate the handsome look of Mahogany in furnishings, cabinets, doors, walls, floors, and other décor. It conveys luxury and opulence. Mahogany Vinyl wood-grain looks offer a true touch of understated class to living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and other spaces for a fraction of the price. Installation and maintenance are fast and easy.

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Mahogany Flooring

The versatility and rich look of Mahogany Flooring makes it a delightful choice for living spaces, dining rooms, offices, and more. The deep rustic or sleek finish over a beautiful realistic dark mahogany wood tone is appealing in many room designs. Give a modern open-space office setting a big dose of elegance with Mahogany flooring, or choose to complete all the main rooms in a new home with stunning Mahogany Vinyl planks, tiles, or sheets. Pat yourself on the back for achieving the same prestigious look of real mahogany wood at a mere fraction of the price, and with better durability. Your savings might shock you, and the make you grin and look forward to having more to spend on other furnishings. Mahogany Flooring in superior vinyl options is easy to install, simple to clean, and guaranteed to last through years of wear-and-tear. The top coat can have a gorgeous embossed design to look like real Mahogany, or it can be a smooth matte or gloss top coat. It offers dimensional performance and exquisite beauty—certain to be a favorite home or office feature for just about everyone who sees it.

Mahogany Vinyl Plank Flooring

Visitors and family members alike will be floored by the fresh, grand look of a room that’s had new Mahogany Vinyl Plank Flooring installed. One glance at this high-quality, elegant foundation and they may wonder if it’s real pricey mahogany wood pieces. Today’s craftsmanship in Mahogany Vinyl Plank Flooring is off-the-charts realistic and beautiful. The firm, solid backing and tough PVC layers are topped by a stunning photo-image that conveys a truly authentic feel—then a super-sturdy wear layer with a smooth, matte, or embossed-grain-look texture is skillfully sealed on top for extra-reliable durability. This is an exquisite product that can look great for many, many years. Leave it bare or top it with complementary area rugs, and the atmosphere of any room is taken up a notch. Pure class, rich looks, and absolutely beautiful backdrops for other special décor—that’s what Mahogany Vinyl Plank Flooring offers, and that’s why so many designers, installers, and homeowners gravitate right to the Mahogany selections when they are shopping for a brand new floor.

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