Walnut Waves 1.03″ T X 2.23″ W X 94″ L Luxury Vinyl Stair Nose Molding


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Walnut Waves 1.03″ T X 2.23″ W X 94″ L Luxury Vinyl Stair Nose Molding, made by MSI Flooring, this Stair nose will match the style and color of the Walnut Waves Flooring


The Walnut Waves Overlapping Stairnose is the perfect complement to your rigid core flooring and staircases. Unlike a flush stairnose, an overlapping stairnose is slightly raised above the flooring. When installing, you can apply an overlapped stairnose to any floor without having to align it with a particular joint. While the flooring addition is not flush with the edge of a stair, it can still protect the edge at the end of each plank. It also makes it safe to step on as opposed to not having a cover on the edge of each step.

  • Appropriate grade for installation: Above grade, On grade, or Below grade
  • Can be installed over most existing surfaces including tile, wood, concrete, and vinyl
  • Residential and light commercial use
  • Easy to clean and maintain – 100% waterproof
  • For use indoors and in temperature-controlled environments only


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Walnut Waves 1.03" T X 2.23" W X 94" L Luxury Vinyl Stair Nose Molding