Vinyl Flooring Guide

Maybe you’ve seen your friends’ new vinyl flooring installations or even browsed the latest selections at the local flooring store. Incredible choice these days, right? Today’s vinyl flooring manufacturers have truly outdone themselves, and continue to improve materials every day. There are stunning looks to mimic wood-grain, marble, slate, ceramic tile, and other organic materials, as well as designs & patterns that are entirely unique on their own. Eye-popping geometric or swirl masterpieces that completely transform a room. Or even basic, tasteful solid tones that offer an elegant backdrop for other pieces in the home or office space. There are looks to suit every preference in vinyl flooring, whether it’s presented on sturdy sheet, planks, or tiles. It’s a beautiful & practical flooring choice being embraced by designers and homeowners everywhere.

Vinyl should be a fun experience. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or your mind is open to anything, begin the adventure by scouting out the varieties online, then taking a look at specific samples in person to get a better idea and feel for what the material will look like on your floor. Narrow it down, as you do with any big decor purchase, then weigh the pros and cons of your favorites. In many cases, there’s one flooring design that really jumps out at you, and it usually turns out to be a gorgeous choice & end result after installation.

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Vinyl is exciting, and can be done by yourself if you enjoy do-it-yourself home projects, or you may opt to use a professional installer. Most DIYers go with click-and-lock planks or tiles, or peel-and-stick tile as they are more fool-proof materials with the potential for a totally successful, fast completion. A weekend flooring project can offer a huge up-level for the home’s interior. Vinyl installation of any form is usually a much faster process than other types of flooring, including carpeting and traditional wood or tile.

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Your new vinyl floor is an absolute breeze. This is one of the huge draws for many busy families, professionals, and office maintenance managers. It takes very little time and effort to keep a vinyl plank, tile, or sheet floor looking fantastic for years. If the room gets a lot of traffic, simply sweep it each day with occasional dust mopping in corners and under furniture. It only needs a damp mop every month or so, or if spills occur. Use a simple water-and-vinegar mixture for good results. Add a small amount of dish soap when performing a yearly deep clean.

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Vinyl flooring means using either a commercial stripping machine or doing it by hand with some key tools. These include utility and putty knives, a pry bar, stripper solvent, and perhaps a heat gun. Use goggles and gloves, and take your time carefully slicing, prying, and removing the vinyl pieces to get a room’s vinyl materials cleared out safely and effectively. Again, there may be instances where using a professional handy-person or company will be a wise option in removing your vinyl flooring products.

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It’s hard to find a vinyl flooring owner who regrets their choice. This flooring selection has a very high satisfaction ratio, and as more offerings come available each year, its popularity increases. Some of the most commonly praised benefits are:
  • High-End Style: Hardwood, hand-scraped antique-look wood, charming ceramic, sleek slate, and so many more choices to fit every taste.
  • Durability & Long Life: Simple upkeep is all that’s needed to ensure it stays looking incredible for many years.
  • Comfort Underfoot: Vinyl maintains a more consistent temperature making it warmer and more agreeable, and it’s a softer material than many natural elements. Some even offer a cushioning layer for extra give and sound-proofing qualities.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: One of the most time-efficient and cost-efficient materials around for elegant & beautiful flooring, and it’s truly a breeze to keep tidy.
Seems like a win-win-win to choose modern vinyl flooring, doesn’t it? Put simply, it is. The unique looks, adaptability, and pleasing results speak for themselves. Enjoy your gorgeous new vinyl floors.


When browsing vinyl floor materials, you’ll notice the various forms include vinyl sheet, composition tile, luxury vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl plank. All are excellent options for a number of settings, with some fitting in more keenly in certain rooms than others. Consider and research the benefits of each to determine which material suits your environment best, then move on to the fun part of selecting a design.

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