Amazing vinyl for your wall can offer stunning design looks and give rooms an incredibly powerful makeover. Vinyl wall coverings consist of a strong, coated paper substrate onto which a decorative surface has been covered with an acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It may appear like a beautiful brick, wood plank, or tile design, or something abstract and unique. Vinyl wall products are durable, scuff-proof, and moisture-resistant.

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Vinyl Plank Wall

What a creative concept. Using Vinyl Plank Wall décor can easily change the look and feel of a space without excessive efforts or cost. This beautiful feature in so many styles is simple to install on walls, provides a durable covering, is easy to keep clean, and offers surprising affordability for such a powerful room enhancement. You can use sturdy Vinyl Plank Wall features throughout a whole room, on one or two walls only, or even as a spot-feature such as a mock headboard in a bedroom, as a lower-wall wainscoting element, or along top or bottom of walls as a unique border. Use your imagination and have fun thinking of gorgeous ways to use Vinyl Plank Wall looks in any room. Be sure to browse some of the successful completed designs done by others, and get inspiration far and wide to improve your own wonderful spaces at home and work. What an enjoyable project with a game-changing result. Vinyl Wall Plank for the win.

Vinyl Plank On Walls

Change the look of a residential or workplace room with a bold transformation using Vinyl Plank On Walls. It’s a highly adaptable choice that’s cost-effective and handsome, as well as easy to maintain. Seeing a rugged ship-lap or polished mahogany wood-look Vinyl Plank On Walls can be a delightful way to change things up in truly unique ways. Just knowing how many choices there are with modern vinyl plank designs, you can use your creativity to inspire something stunning for an interior space. This is exceptionally nice for areas that may see high moisture exposure, like kitchens, bathrooms, and pool houses. The extremely strong backing and PVC layers within Vinyl Plank On Walls ensure it is made to last. Its beautiful photo-realistic appearance also has a strong, durable top wear layers and coating so it offers wall extra sturdy protection. It looks absolutely beautiful, is easy to install, and provides a much more affordable price than using real wood wall applications.

Vinyl Tile For Walls

At first mention, many are not familiar with the concept of using Vinyl Tile For Walls—but it takes just one look at examples of the various uses for them to see how beautiful an installation of vinyl on all or just one wall in a space can make a room truly shine. Choose a stunning oak or weathered-looking whitewashed wood-look vinyl plank, tile, or sheet form and easily size and attach it to walls with standard vinyl glue or the peel-and-stick adhesive if using this style. It is firmly there to stay, with simple wipe-down maintenance extra friendly in kitchens and baths. All the amazing looks you’ve seen in choices for vinyl floors can be considered for interior walls, as well. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Whichever wood, stone, tile, or patterned look you select, the result is sure to be charming and gorgeous—many people find they want to install vinyl wood or stone looks to other spaces in their home or office because it truly offers an elegant touch not commonly found in homes and businesses.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Planks

Weekend warrior do-it-yourselfers and flooring installers have been delighted to see advancements in the design choices and ease-of-use for modern Peel and Stick Vinyl choices, and the good news continues with its application to the Wall Decor market. Sprucing up a room with Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Planks makes a beautiful statement, and it’s never been easier to complete. These pieces resemble real, gorgeous wood planks of varying tree breeds and stain colors—from formal high-shine walnut to rustic knotted & worn driftwood looks—turn a beach house or a suburban bathroom into an incredibly charming oasis with one or more walls enhanced with Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Planks. Browse through photos of completed spaces with this element, and be amazed at how great the rooms look using vinyl planks on the walls.

Interlocking Vinyl Wall Tile

When you want a full wall or an entire room to have a bold, gorgeous new wall design, consider using Interlocking Vinyl Wall Tile for a solid, flawless installation and appearance. This particular vinyl material is constructed of extra-sturdy backing and exceptional-quality click-lock edges so they offer a tough-as-nails permanent surface. Interlocking Vinyl Wall Tile is fantastic for rooms and spaces that see high moisture exposure and even high-energy activity, like game rooms, pool houses, mud rooms, children’s bathrooms, playrooms, busy kitchens, and dens. The natural-looking tiles use photo-images that are so realistic looks, appearing like stunning stone, tile, slate, or wood, to give the room a rich, charming appearance. Take a look at all the possibilities and think about all the rooms you can improve when installing Interlocking Vinyl Wall Tile. It’s affordable, lovely, and easy to clean—a big win for all.

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