Installers enjoy using SPC click vinyl flooring because it offers a fool-proof system to ensure the boards align and lock perfectly, for a truly sleek result. Business and homeowners appreciate the flawless aesthetic and durable qualities of SPC click flooring. Backing layers often feature extra sound insulation which helps with acoustics and privacy. Many SPC click manufacturers use recyclable and renewable resources, which many see as a nice benefit.

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SPC Click Plank Flooring

Stone plastic composite, or SPC as it’s commonly known, is growing in popularity as an attractive choice for home or office flooring. SPC is usually crafted with about 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers. Handsome SPC Click Plank Flooring looks elegant, is cost-effective, and has proven to be extremely durable with fantastic resistance to scuffs, scratches, and stains. SPC Click Plank Flooring is very appealing to installers of every experience level because it’s quite an easy process to put in place for a flawless look.

Homeowners appreciate how it’s easy to keep clean, and how it holds up beautifully under both normal wear-and-tear use as well as against extreme conditions like rough pet claws and rambunctious big gatherings. SPC Click Plank Flooring is usually totally waterproof, which makes it a great choice for rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, pool areas, and foyers.

Many versions come with pre-attached, extra-durable watertight underlayments for additional sealing and foot comfort. Keep it looking gorgeous with easy maintenance, including a swift sweep-away of light dirt or debris with a soft-bristled broom. A lightly dampened mop with just water or basic surface cleaner is generally needed only occasionally or after a lot of activity in the room. This exquisitely crafted rigid-core plank product with stunning graphics and a superior top-coat wear layer makes SPC Click Plank Flooring a wise choice for many interior spaces.

SPC Click Flooring Installation

Not only is this state-of-the-art flooring product easy to install, but it’s also enjoyable to work with during the whole process. Even before the easy-to-maneuver click locking system begins, another advantage comes with knowing that spaces do not require extensive subfloor prep beforehand. Of course, installing over a flat surface is always the ideal situation; however, we all know that’s not always going to be the reality in both homes and office settings.

SPC Click Flooring Installation can beautifully cover floor imperfections like cracks or dents, and in fact, they are more easily hidden with SPC flooring because of the product’s helpful rigid core composition. When installing, an underlayment is not necessary but it’s a good idea to get the subfloor as clean and debris-free as possible. Research specific preparation instructions for each subfloor, whether it’s wood, concrete, or existing floor coverings.

SPC Click pieces are crafted to be installed as a floating floor, so do not secure the planks to the subfloor with glue or adhesive, and be sure to undercut doorjambs or allow for proper expansion. The click-lock method of attaching each plank to the next properly sized plank is quite user-friendly and the process becomes an enjoyable and smooth activity with a rewarding outcome.

SPC Click Flooring Vinyl Planks

Imagine how nice it would feel to walk into your kitchen, bathroom, or another area at home or work and see a gorgeous, flawless new floor that resembles a favorite wood color and pattern. It’s certainly not out-of-reach for most when choosing SPC Click Flooring Vinyl Planks. It’s taking off in popularity throughout the world, and for good reason. It’s a highly affordable, easy-to-install, extremely durable, and gorgeous option for those who want an authentic wooden-floor design.

It’s also very pet- and child-friendly, with its diamond-tough thick wear layer and breezy maintenance needs—simple sweeping with a soft-bristled broom and occasional damp-mopping is all this flooring needs to stay looking fabulous for years. SPC Click Flooring Vinyl Planks are waterproof, scratch- and dent-resistant, and are pleasantly soft underfoot compared to many of their counterparts.

The planks are stunning mimics for genuine oak, maple, walnut, and other commonly preferred woods. The SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) is extremely tough, manufactured from 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers—so it will last for decades under minimal maintenance needs. It’s truly an ideal combination for most homeowners in that it’s easy, economical, strong, reliable, and beautiful. Check out the growing number of designs to find one that fits your room perfectly.

SPC Click Lock Flooring

After an easy installation of SPC Click Lock Flooring, one might wonder how a home project could have so many benefits without any drawbacks. It’s been trending upward in recent years because it is a new-generation building material with both extra-durability and environmental benefits. SPC Click Lock Flooring is crafted with a rigid core, sturdy PVC and resin, limestone, and a beautiful graphic for realism.

Backing layers can provide additional foot comfort and sound insulation. It also increases the overall lifespan of the product. Many SPC Click Lock Flooring manufacturers use recyclable or renewable materials in their process, as well as low-emission energy processes. The resulting tiles or planks can be easily click-locked together for a flawless, gorgeous flooring look. Installation is a breeze, as it can be floated directly over any type of subfloor.

Simply clean and prepare the prior flooring material, wood, or concrete base, and then size, cut, and handy click-lock the SPC components accordingly on top. The gorgeous result is fully waterproof so makes a fantastic selection for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry areas, and playrooms. It’s extremely easy to keep pristine with simple sweeping and occasional damp-mopping. SPC Click Lock Flooring—what a beautiful, simple, durable design choice.

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