The look of white vinyl flooring is bright, fresh, and upbeat. Many home and business owners prefer the clean look of white room features, so white vinyl flooring certainly meets that goal. Vinyl can mimic a sleek all-white ceramic-tile-look, a farmhouse-style whitewashed wood look, or a white marble aesthetic with organic gray lines—the varieties fit every preference. A classic choice, white will be a popular option for the long run.

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White Vinyl Plank Flooring

With White Vinyl Plank Flooring as a basis in home or business interior design, almost anything can complement its pristine, pure quality. That is the kind of flexibility deeply appreciated by professional designers and homeowners who enjoy changing the looks of their rooms on a fairly regular basis. Recent years have seen a growing interest in the whitewashed-wood-grain look for White Vinyl Plank Flooring. It can be used in looks that convey a charming farmhouse-style—trendy for kitchens and dens—or it can be dressed up in more modern ways with minimalist décor and sleek, geometric rugs or wall patterns. The possibilities are nearly endless when starting with White Vinyl Plank Flooring. In bathrooms, whitewashed or white marble looks are eye-catching choices. Keeping the white vinyl floors tidy is a breeze, and always gives a feel of cleanliness and openness. When in doubt for flooring, it’s a good call to opt for White Vinyl Plank Flooring—there are not many who regret the choice when they see the beautiful final product installed.

White Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Large, roomy spaces that you want to feel clean, open, and airy look fantastic with White Vinyl Sheet Flooring installed. The large rolls up to 16-feet-wide offer a chance for a flawless, easy-maintenance design. Frankly, any size room in homes or businesses tend to look great with today’s high-quality White Vinyl Sheet Flooring. Its solid construction is waterproof, scuff- and scratch-resistant, easy to install and maintain, and can hold up brilliantly under years of high foot traffic. White shades work nicely in warm seasons and climates because they reflect sunlight to stave off high heat buildup. Whether it’s brush strokes of milky white on woodgrain, solid pure white tile-looks, swirls of white marble-looks, or patterns that include other colors around white, White Vinyl Sheet Flooring can be a beautiful and bright addition to a space, and many choose to utilize a white tone in top-quality vinyl sheet flooring for their extra-large rooms. Examples include retail stores, lobby spaces, restaurants, conference rooms, big break rooms, spacious kitchens, master bathrooms, and socializing areas. White hues under a sturdy high-shine or matte finish wear layer simply gives an uplifting, bright, clean feeling—which explains why it’s been a best seller for decades.

Vinyl Tile White

What kind of room design will you enjoy with an attractive new Vinyl Tile White selection? Perhaps it will offer a retro vibe, or a stately classic look, or even resemble a fresh European villa in the countryside. Any of these quaint designs or a number of other options are possible when you browse and choose a gorgeous Vinyl Tile White look. The magic of white is that it works so well to keep a room calm and cool—literally—because it won’t hold heat like dark colors and lends itself to an invigorating and fresh feel. We associate Vinyl Tile White colors with purity and light, which is always a good characteristic in a home or business. Tile looks may be solid whites or off-whites, or they may have organic tones within a white background. Marble-look white tile often have subtle veins of gray or beige rippled throughout. Whitewashed Saltillo or other clay or ceramic-looks feel rustic and so charming. White is woven, brushed upon, or used as part of a pattern on thousands of vinyl tile designs. It always adds a rejuvenating touch. In bathrooms or kitchens, you can even choose to add real grout between installed tiles for extra authenticity, and some choose a shade of white grout. This basic-seeming color adds a surprising amount of beauty to many vinyl floors. Affordable and durable Vinyl Tile White varieties are long-lasting not-so-basic floor designs that delight people around the world.

Luxury Vinyl Plank White

Some trends come-and-go within the year, other trends veer off from ‘trend’ status and move into ‘classic’ territory. That’s a good way to categorize Luxury Vinyl Plank White selections. Interest has grown and continues to skyrocket for whitewashed-wood-grain looks in LVP White flooring choices. Homeowners, restaurant designers, retail experts, and small business owners have been installing and loving their Luxury whitewashed floors. The photo-images used in these high-end plank materials are so real-looking they are hard to tell apart from natural whitewashed wood planks. Textures get added in the tough top wear layers, and the feel is just the same, too. Users may redo one room in their Luxury Vinyl Plank White looks, and more often than not they enjoy it so much they plan for further installation in adjoining or other rooms. While this is a hot look, there are also other white varieties of sturdy vinyl plank—and these include solid white looks, patterned images with other crisp colors, and more natural-material looks with white tones, like stone, bamboo, and ceramic. More styles are created every year, so if you have a timeless shade like white in mind, be sure to set aside enough time to browse all the numerous selections available in Luxury Vinyl Plank White options. One is certain to resonate and look gorgeous in your special space.

Kitchen Flooring White

From stone and whitewashed-wood finishes to modern metallic looks, Kitchen Flooring White Vinyl designs run the gamut and always offer a fresh, clean look to any residential or commercial dining & food prep area. It’s difficult to find a more universally embraced image than that of the fastidious, attractive kitchen flooring with a solid-white or white-undertone appearance. From gorgeous Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) to flexible & durable sheet vinyl to various charming white tile choices, there is something for everyone and every kitchen. The aesthetic of natural photo-images within sturdy PVC layers combines with its versatility to make completed installations a delight. Maintenance is easy and fast with Kitchen Flooring White materials, too. It looks great for years with simple caretaking. The first glance of durable premium vinyl in fresh, airy shades of white makes these flooring selections an ideal option for a home or commercial kitchen foundation. A truly fine choice.

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