Gray is a traditional, favorite neutral shade for home designers and many business & homeowners. Gray vinyl flooring is available in a wide array of styles in planks, sheeting, and tiles. The recent trend in light-gray stain-looks on wood grain vinyl planks offers a warm, light look for spaces like kitchens and offices. Varying shades of gray slate tile looks and gray patterned designs are consistently popular selections.

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Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring

Prestigious warm gray, cool & airy whitewash gray, or deeply elegant slate gray—these are just a few shades available in glorious Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring selections. Go with the one that suits you and your room design best, and it’s likely to become your favorite floor in the home or office. There are wood-grain-looks with every shade of gray stain appearance, and there are marble and tile image options that highlight beautiful shades of gray, as well. Today’s optimal photo-imaging on vinyl looks like the real thing. It’s held firm between layers of top-quality backing and superior wear-layer PVC for durability. A stunning gray-stained oak look in Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring can lend an air of richness to any room. Installation is easy and fast, and the planks are made to last. Easy maintenance is another welcome benefit of Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring made with attractive and strong materials.

Light Gray Vinyl Flooring

When the room or preference calls for a lighter neutral shade that will blend well with anything, consider Light Gray Vinyl Flooring. Truly one of the best neutral shades you can select, it will look amazing against other light colors or dark, bold shades. Light Gray Vinyl Flooring can convey a traditional look or a modern, streamlined look. Dress it up or down, knowing it’s going to look incredible for years and enhance design choices even when you decide to change up everything in the space. It’s that versatile. Light gray shades make a room look bigger, and are supremely adaptable. The soft but strong vinyl is a breeze to keep neat and clean with a broom and occasional water-wet mop. The living room, kitchen, bath, or dining area are going to look so fresh and welcoming with your new Light Gray Vinyl Flooring installation. Enjoy.

Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Gorgeous, tough-as-nails, waterproof, and reliable Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring is a terrific choice at home or at work. From tiny private powder rooms to enormous commercial spaces, many people install Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring and are absolutely delighted at how it looks—they didn’t realize their favorite light, medium, or dark shade of gray could improve a space so well. Gray in lovely patterns, on a stone-look sheet, or in a wood-grain or tile feel can be the perfect backdrop for other décor and furnishings in a room. It is tasteful and beautiful as a bold neutral, able to blend and adapt for a modern or traditional image. Extreme durability and ease of maintenance are always appreciated by those who choose Gray Vinyl Sheet Flooring—it has a very high approval rating from all.

Dark Gray Vinyl Flooring

Hoping to give your home or office space a serious dose of class and elegance? As you look for new design features, browse through today’s incredible choices in Dark Gray Vinyl Flooring. Many of these looks are jaw-dropping, with realistic looks that appear and feel like deeply stained gray wood, tactile slate, beautiful tile, feathered marble, and other unique flooring patterns. Dark gray is a strong and handsome choice, and it shows less everyday dirt or marks. Sweeping and light mopping is all it takes to keep it looking new. The solid, reliable layers of PVC, backing, photo-image, and diamond-strong wear layer mean that your newly installed Dark Gray Vinyl Floor will endure high foot traffic and other activities for many years. That solid, attractive color will adapt to any redecorating choices, as well. Dark Gray Vinyl Flooring is a wonderful choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Gray

Go with Luxury Vinyl Tile Gray (LVT) and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a wise decision, and this gorgeous neutral shade ensures that it won’t go out of style as the years go by, too. Luxury Vinyl Tile Tray in modern wood-grain looks can include the lightest pale shades of gray to the boldest, darkest shades of charcoal. Whether it’s that wood appearance you’re aiming for, or something in a natural stone, tile, or slate look, there are thousands of possibilities that include all or some gray tones. LVT in blendable gray hues are convenient to install and keep clean. They can freshen up any space, and the floor lends itself perfectly to trying out a variety of furniture, window treatment, and décor choices. It’s an ideal background for your favorite pieces. Knowing it is built with exquisite materials is great piece of mind, as you know it will be there in your home or office for a long time, looking fantastic for years or decades.

Gray Vinyl Click Flooring

The flawless, gorgeous look of newly installed Gray Vinyl Click Flooring is a sight to behold. It can make a space look like a beautiful model home or ideal office setting. Truly, the ease of installation surprises many because the end result looks so sleek and professional. A thick, durable Gray Vinyl Click Flooring option crafted to resemble gray-stained wood, natural gray stone, slate, gray ceramic, or any number of patterns gives personal and professional spaces the right neutral yet charming backdrop for any design preference. Click the pieces smoothly together, and it’s ready or high foot traffic, large gatherings, and just about anything else. The upkeep is simple—just sweep it regularly, spot clean with soap and water when needed, and occasionally damp mop with standard surface cleaner and water. Nothing inconvenient or specialized, yet the Gray Vinyl Click Flooring will remain looking great for years. It’s a high-quality, appealing and durable floor choice in a fantastic neutral shade of light, dark, or medium gray.

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