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Vinyl Floors Made Easy is your one stop shop finding the best Vinyl Flooring, floor installer, and floor cleaning products.  

Shop By Color

Shop our selection of flooring by color. Whether it’s one, bold, solid color, or multiple colors paired together, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for to enrich your room and make your flooring choice stand out.

The look of white vinyl flooring is bright, fresh, and upbeat. Many home and business owners prefer the clean look of white room features, so white vinyl flooring certainly meets that goal.
Gray is a traditional, favorite neutral shade for home designers and many business & homeowners. Gray vinyl flooring is available in a wide array of styles in planks, sheeting, and tiles.

Timeless beige vinyl flooring options never go out of style. The friendly, mild tones of beige can be found in attractive vinyl sheet, tile, or plank flooring styles. 

Rich, elegant mahogany has been a top color preference for centuries. Many people appreciate the handsome look of Mahogany in furnishings, cabinets, doors, walls, floors, and other décor.

The array of brown vinyl choices is vast and varied. It’s a handsome and tasteful color selection in luxury vinyl tile, plank, or sheeting designs.

Going bold in a flooring color may mean choosing solid black, black within a pattern, or black paired with another confident color. It gives a sleek feel that’s truly fitting in modern homes.

Types of Flooring

Looking for a specific type of flooring.  Shop our flooring store by type of flooring as we have all types of vinyl flooring. 

Maintenance is easy and swift with high-quality Waterproof flooring. Consider a beautiful, sturdy selection among the waterproof vinyl flooring designs.

Sheet Vinyl flooring is not what it used to be. There have been many incredible advances in both the quality and the look of Sheet Vinyl products that are on the market today.

What is so special about Resilient Flooring? Anyone with a high-traffic area at home or in a commercial setting truly knows the importance of it.

SPC Click Flooring has a number of benefits and advantages. One appealing factor is that it’s a new-generation material offering environmental benefits with high durability. 

Today’s vinyl flooring manufacturers make a point to create gorgeous flooring that’s fully scratch-resistant, so homeowners have one less thing to fret about. 

For extra peace of mind in getting super-durability, Glue Down Vinyl Planks may be just the right choice. It’s a solid permanent flooring selection for those high-traffic areas needing a very secure hold.

Why not opt for Stain Resistant Flooring made to wipe clean easily regardless of what’s in the spill? It’s made specifically for durability as well as beautiful looks. 

For Do-It-Yourselfers, Peel & Stick Vinyl has been a fantastic addition to the vinyl flooring market. It’s truly a user-friendly choice. No special tools or excruciating prep work is needed to install it either.

Flooring Manufacturers

Vinyl Flooring Installation

You’ve chosen a gorgeous wood-grain or a slate-look Vinyl Flooring for your space. Congrats! Schedule with an experienced installation professional or see how to install it on your own.

Everything is ready to go after choosing a gorgeous Vinyl Flooring look—an expert can get the job done. Tap here to start the process of scheduling with a top-notch professional.
Experienced handy-persons know that Flooring Installation Kits have everything you need to install vinyl flooring products with excellent precision and results. Get yours today!
Feeling ready to try a DIY vinyl flooring project, but need that extra boost of guidance and thorough step-by-step task checklist? Consider a Flooring Installation Course.

Many newcomers to vinyl flooring installation would do well to have a partner on their side as they embark on new projects. A flooring installation coach can fill you in on the whole game plan.

Vinyl Flooring By Room

Whether you’re looking for the best flooring to entertain guests in your kitchen or dining room, or, flooring for your bedroom or bathroom. Shop for the perfect flooring by room below. 

When living rooms need a re-do, decorators often turn to Vinyl Living Room Flooring options because today’s beautiful options can offer so much.

It is water-resistant, attractive, durable, and price-friendly. That’s right, Bathroom Vinyl Flooring is the top choice among homeowners because of all four of these important factors.

While many realize the importance of waterproof surfaces in kitchens and baths, it can also benefit bedrooms because of their proximity to en suite bathrooms.
Easy to clean, attractive, affordable, and long-lasting—when it comes to making a decision on the Best Flooring For Kids Room choices, the stain resistance and durability of vinyl is a no-brainer.
People enjoy being in an eye-pleasing room, and oftentimes birthdays, holiday dinners, and big family memories are created in a home’s dining room.
When flooring customers look for a cost-effective, sturdy, attractive choice for their home or work patios—many assume it has to be concrete, pavers, or something similar.
Printed with photo-realistic images of wood, stone, or ceramic tile, Kitchen Vinyl Flooring can give that busiest-room-in-the-house a truly warm and elegant look.
Telecommuting and working part-time from home have skyrocketed in recent years. It’s important to have a solid, durable, eye-pleasing foundation in your own home office. Find your perfect office floor here.

Flooring By City

Find licensed, bonded, and insured flooring installers in your city.

Need To Clean Your Vinyl Floors?

One of the best qualities of today’s beautiful vinyl floors is the ease of maintenance. It doesn’t take special efforts or products to ensure your floor continues to look fantastic.
Depending on how often you spend time in the space, be sure to regularly use a clean broom to sweep up loose dirt. It ensures longevity for the coating and wear layers.
For newly installed vinyl floors, use a dry microfiber mop to pick up dust in corners and under furniture, and a wet mop occasionally with a few splashes of simple surface-cleaning solution.
When vacuum instructions confirm the device can be used on hard flooring surfaces, then it’s acceptable on vinyl flooring. Rubber or felt wheels are gentle enough for vinyl coatings.
Standard steam cleaners are not recommended on vinyl floors; however, new floor-cleaners specially crafted for vinyl can vacuum and wash simultaneously, saving time and effort.

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