Going bold in a flooring color may mean choosing solid black, black within a pattern, or black paired with another confident color. It gives a sleek, solid feel that’s unmatched and truly fitting in modern homes & businesses. Attractive polished or matte-finish black vinyl flooring designs are classic, time-tested favorites. Checkerboard black tiles with white, or select a high-shine marble-look in varying shades of charcoal and black. The options are beautiful.

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Vinyl Flooring Black

It’s a striking, glamorous sight to see when you’ve just installed a new Vinyl Flooring Black update. This is the shade that many people adore as a foundation in a space, because it makes a bold statement. It also provides a stunning backdrop for other accouterments added upon it, like light, complementary, or brightly colored furniture, window treatments, and art. In fact, Vinyl Flooring Black is a popular choice among artists and creative people. The color is elegant and the material is extremely durable. Vinyl products like planks, tile, and sheeting in bold black are made with superior-quality layers like sturdy backings, waterproof PVC, realistic photo-images of wood, slate, or another, and of course that strong wear layer to repel scuffs, stains, and scratches. Vinyl Flooring Black options won’t show dark marks or dirt as quickly as other colors, and are easy to sweep and wipe clean. Keep it looking like new with simple spot wipes or occasional surface-cleaner wet mopping. No need for special formulas or waxes—this is a floor that not only looks great but is easy to maintain regularly.

Black and White Vinyl Flooring

When you think of the beautiful, eye-catching combination of black-and-white, consider how it would look in a floor pattern. Classic checkerboard, in-plank or in-tile patterns, stripe or border looks, and more can all present a stunning look in a room when using beautiful Black and White Vinyl Flooring. Bathrooms and kitchens look incredible with patterns that resemble delicate ceramic tile, and these rooms do very well with vinyl’s waterproof and soft-underfoot benefits. Interlocking, glue-down, or peel-and-stick Black and White Vinyl Flooring are nice options when going for the checkerboard or other boldly geometrical classic patterns. Some marble-like vinyl sheets and tiles have white backgrounds with black feathering, offering a striking appearance that looks grand in a formal space. Choose a time-tested pattern or image—or make one all your own for a totally unique Black and White Vinyl Flooring design. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that after you install this superior-quality product, that bold-looking floor will endure lots of wear-and-tear with grace. It will look great and last for a very long time.

Black Vinyl Plank Flooring

Who says black goes with everything? We do—especially when it comes to Black Vinyl Plank Flooring. Dark shades are powerful, and black is as dark as it gets. When you want a bold floor like this, it can include any style with or without texture, and in natural-look wood or slate backgrounds or a striking pattern. One of the best reasons to use Black Vinyl Plank Flooring is of course its durability and and moisture-resistance, but another little-known quality is that it can actually make rooms feel bigger. This may be puzzling if you’ve always heard lighter colors are the only option for making a space look larger. However, it’s also known by designers that a gradient effect in a room also opens it up in unique, pleasant ways. So, with a Black Vinyl Plank Flooring design, you can then simply go lighter as you ease up, with a medium shade on walls and light or white paint on a ceiling. It’s a great technique that works. Black vinyl is a winner in many respects, and people are pleased with how it looks and how easy it is to maintain when they have it installed at home or work.

Black Vinyl Wood Flooring

Black stain-looks on mimicked wood-grain are jaw-droppingly handsome, and look fantastic in business offices or home dining or living rooms. The installed floor is certain to give prestige to a residential or business space. Take a look at beautiful deep black and charcoal hues in stained-wood looks like walnut, oak, and even a rustic appearing reclaimed-barnwood style. Stick with one lovely shade of Black Vinyl Wood Flooring or choose to intermingle it with other shades of blacks, grays, or browns. Make the floor of your dreams, knowing the high-quality craftsmanship will last as long as you need it there. The firm, solid backing holds tight to a stunning photo-image of stained black wood, and the wear layer in a realistic textured finish or a smooth one is sturdy and ready for high foot traffic in the room. It resists moisture, scuffs, scrapes, and more—looking exquisite the whole time.

Black Vinyl Tile Flooring

What type of Black Vinyl Tile Flooring will you choose for your office, kitchen, bathroom, or study? There are fantastic choices available, including wood-grain looks with stunning light- to dark-hues of a black stain appearance. There are also solid, gleaming versions of Black Vinyl Tile Flooring made to resemble shiny ceramic tiles, with grout lines and striking beauty. Perhaps you’d prefer a slate- or marble-look Black Vinyl Tile Flooring. Dark, deep, wonderful shades abound, and they are all made with superior materials, like strong board backing, durable PVC that’s waterproof, attractive photo-image layers that look just like the real thing, and an extra-tough top wear layer made to easily handle heavy action upon its surface. It is easy to install and to keep clean and tidy. People truly appreciate the quality and convenience—and of course the striking great looks—of their Black Vinyl Tile Flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Black

What a way to improve a room. Opting for Luxury Vinyl Tile Black varieties is a surefire level-up for your home or office space. These materials are a bold choice, with many looks perfectly mimicking gorgeous dark stone or flawless black ceramic tiles. You can install an entirely black floor or use Luxury Vinyl Tile Black pieces in a design with other colors. Many people love the look of black-and-white checkerboard flooring, or a black border along the walls with another design or solid color within. There are stellar detailed tile design that include sleek shades of black within them. Go with your favorite, and rest assured that your new LVT is made to last, with durable layers that are strong, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Black is a nice design choice—it’s always a highly attractive look.

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