The design choices and overall appearance of sheet vinyl have dramatically leveled up in recent years. Manufactured with reliable, strong vinyl and featuring unique imaging and scratch-resistant coatings, sheet vinyl has a number of benefits. This affordable, pliable, easy-to-install product comes in large rolls that present a seamless look and waterproof advantage. It’s softer to stand on than many other flooring options, and is a breeze to keep clean.

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Sheet Vinyl

Easy to work with and super-durable, Sheet Vinyl is a fantastic flooring choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, even in commercial buildings. Sheet Vinyl has certainly come a long way from its first formation and holds up even better. The flexible multiple-layer vinyl, design layer, and tough top coating is a popular product for businesses, retail centers, large residential rooms, and more. It seems the design selections grow by the day, with the many people drawn to the beautiful realistic tile, wood, stone, and marble aesthetic. Sheet vinyl is best installed by experienced contractors and looks truly sleek when completed.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

No flooring product has made the enormous strides in beauty and quality that Vinyl Sheet Flooring has made. From prestigious offices to high-end homes, the choices in Vinyl Sheet Flooring can really hold their own and look absolutely stunning in even the poshest of rooms. Advanced printing, texturing, and manufacturing processes deliver beautiful wood, stone, tile, and other natural looks—easily passing for these more expensive counterparts.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Sheets

Constructed of reliable, strong vinyl and PVC with unique imaging and scratch-resistant coatings, Luxury Vinyl Flooring Sheets have a number of well-loved benefits. This pliable, easy-to-install product comes in large rolls that can offer a seamless look to small areas and standard hallways, and nearly-seamless looks to larger spaces. It’s softer to stand on than harder substances like stone or tile, and extremely simple to keep clean. Luxury Vinyl Flooring Sheets are also one of the most affordable flooring picks around. A big-time winner all around.

Floating Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Those new to floor installation or even Do-It-Yourselfers are often thrilled to tackle a Floating Vinyl Sheet Flooring project. It does not need any glue or mastic. Floating Vinyl Sheet products actually float over the subfloor, evening out any imperfections and giving a room totally fresh, quality flooring. It’s thick, durable, and even easy on the bones-and-joint as the floor offers some “give” with the cushioned floating effect. Choose from 10- or 12-foot-wide rolls and cut the length to fit the space. Fun, stunning floors that are a breeze to complete.

Sheet Vinyl Wood Flooring

The most popular design of resilient vinyl flooring is the wood-look. Today’s Sheet Vinyl Wood Flooring truly must be seen to be believed. It has such depth, texture, and gorgeous appearance that even top interior designers highly recommend it. The range of looks is incredible, from light grey stained oak to golden teak hues to knotted & antiqued ash, and more. Formal, casual, residential, retail, commercial—every space and every wood-style preference can be covered in style with an elegant Sheet Vinyl Wood Flooring option.

Sheet Vinyl Tile

The ultimate in easy installation, Sheet Vinyl Tile have been making weekend warriors and experienced DIYers feel extra-confident for years. And advances to the look and quality of the tiles steadily improves each year, as well. Use ingenuity and creativity in placing these attractive, durable tiles in a kitchen, bathroom, or game room—you can orient them diagonally or even in a repeating checkerboard pattern for a neat look. Some Sheet Vinyl Tiles can be grouted, making the realism amazing. Sheet Vinyl Tile uses top-quality vinyl layers for great performance for years.

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