Milliken Flooring is a respected, diverse company known all over the world. It was founded in 1865 and has gathered incredible expertise in a number of areas, including the markets for healthcare, chemical formulas, protective textiles, and high-performance flooring. They have headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina and 40 other facilities, showrooms, and support centers in over 13 countries. Milliken’s 7,000+ brilliant team members put customer service, values, innovation, environmental care, and community support first in all they do.

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The design-driven flooring division at Milliken uses insightful research to ensure it delivers superior final products. They offer carpet, luxury vinyl tile, and protective flooring that truly stands out from the crowd. It is science-backed in terms of quality, durability, comfort, aesthetic appeal, and long-wearing functionality. Milliken’s luxury vinyl tile products are award-winning foundations that feature exquisite color, patterns, and protection. Some of the unique, popular looks include Modular Landscapes, Phenom gradient lines, and Laylines bright + neutrals color mixes. Find a spectacular, rare design in this exceptional catalog.

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A helpful aspect of having manufacturing facilities and personalized design capabilities throughout the world is that each region can craft its own particular favorites. Milliken takes care to provide both region-specific and global-focused product portfolios to please all audiences & customers. What a stellar team and organization, with plenty of delightful, sturdy flooring options for residences and offices worldwide.

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